Friday, May 13, 2016

mad at God

I had a dream the other night about a friend who was mad at God.  It was about a real person that I know, but the circumstances of the dream were some of the crazy things that dreams are made of.

So in the dream, her husband insists that I come over to visit with he and his wife because she is mad at God.  It seems that she had a full ride to college on a soccer scholarship, but then the economy turned and the college cut sports in a cost saving measure.  Ha ha - you know that is a dream, a school cut sports??

Anyway, since she lost the opportunity to go to college, she was mad at God and had been embittered towards him for years.  How could I help?

First, let me say that it is ok to be angry at God.  When Scott was sick, I was pretty mad a God myself.  However, we must always remember that the basic nature of God is goodness- loving kindness and graciousness.  He does not make bad things happen to you or me.  In fact, in times of our pain, he walks along side us, he carries us.  In the valley of the shadow of death, we have a Shepherd.

See God for what he is, not the cause of your pain, but a Comforter in times of pain.

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.

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