Friday, June 2, 2017

this too shall pass

A friend sent this in.....

I’m sure many of you remember sayings taught to you by your mom.   My mother had many favorite sayings, and a few were not actually Biblical.  I muse at remembering her telling me “the Bible says if you call someone a fool, you will not go to Heaven.”  My mom’s intentions were good, in that she was teaching me to treat people fairly and not call them names.  Her saying was founded on a verse she read in the Bible, that pertained to the times Biblical writers lived in and the use of the word Raca.

But one of my mom’s sayings is real and applicable to my life today.  I never forget it, and when members of our family are going through a life challenge, we frequently say to each other, “remember what mom always said, “this too shall pass.”   I presently find myself in a situation that is hard, but I know “this too shall pass.” 

Conversely, I realize that some people are faced with situations in their lives that do not pass, such as the prolonged illness of a loved one.  But God promises to give us the grace to keep going on.  And yet, there are many challenges or glitches that come along in life, that pass on and we’re off to the next phase of life.

My mom had a very difficult and hard life (an alcoholic husband, a child who had fifteen major operations in 21 years, very small houses with no air conditioning, and several family members living in them at once, and not enough money to get by.)  But because of her philosophy that “this too shall pass,” she and God got through it all.

Whatever  you may be facing today..... this too shall pass.

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.

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