Monday, September 15, 2014

I'm a mechanic

You know that I love cars.  I love to work on cars.  We have a 2005 Honda Civic.  It has had a rattle for quite a while.  It developed slowly but has become worse over the last year.  I had suspected that it was the catalytic converter.  You could lay on the ground next to the car and almost see it rattling.

I love mechanics, but I hate to pay them.  So I did some research on the internet.  The internet is amazing isn't it?  You can rent a car, email a friend, read about far away places, and look up Honda Civic problems.

By the way, do you know where we bought this Honda?  At the Civic Center of course!

Back to the story.

So I am reading on the internet that the catalytic converter has a heat shield around it.  That after some time, the bolts that hold it on rust through.  There is a pretty simple fix- you jack up the car and put some big hose clamp straps around the heat shield to hold it tightly in place.

So I went to Oreilly's and bought a bunch of clamps.  I jacked up the car, way way up, and I went to work.

Success!! No more rattle.  No mechanic bill.  And I did it myself!

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.

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Marcie Gragg, Independence City Councilmember said...

That's great, Jeff! If you ever want to broaden your horizons to working on an air-cooled engine, I have a red '75 convertible VW Superbeetle that occasionally needs some love from a mechanic. 'Lady' would love to meet you! lol