Sunday, March 5, 2017


“Life is a matter of becoming fully and consciously who we already are, but it is a self that we largely do not know…” Richard Rohr

When I was young and growing I was taught things about God from my parents. A practical God that fit nicely into our lives.  I grew into my teens and I stopped pursuing God. In college I was introduced to a new way to see God. The God of guilt. I had much to feel guilty about so this seemed like a good way to straighten me up. It was very short lived. Although the people I met were nice and “good” it didn’t feel right and so I left it behind. As a young parent I headed back to church. I was uncomfortable. I wasn’t sure what was expected of me. I didn’t know what God would show up. My parents God or my college friend’s God.  I found the God of my parents with a twist and I became connected. Giving outwardly was encouraged. Transparency was encouraged. My flaws, I discovered, were not there to hold me down. I found the God of Grace and Love.

In retrospect I see that I had to let go of the things I had experienced and learned earlier in life. Now I am constantly in the process of growth and change. It feels good. I am glad for the people in my life that I get to grow with. Conversations are full of life and questions. Growth is good. Discovery is great. God is awesome.


Lion’s Den Man

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