Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Beware of speculative theology. 

Speculative theology is a teaching based on one or two scripture passages.  Often you will find many divergent views around such topics, simply because people are making it up as they go along.  A hapax is a word that is included only once in a document or set of writings. 

An example of this in the Bible is "millennium."  The word itself is not in the Bible although a thousand year reign of Christ is mentioned in Revelation 20.  Books and books have been written on the topic when it is barely mentioned in scripture.

Now I certainly believe in the second coming, but people have spent years discussing the millennium and the second coming and for what?  They have wasted their lives speculating on future things instead of focusing on living life in the here and now.  That is the worst thing about speculation......... we waste our lives wondering and thinking about things that we can not know when we could have been living our lives centered around the main themes of the Bible like loving God and loving others.

I guess the second coming is more interesting to some people than living a life of love.  I find that sad.

But we don't have to live that way.  Set aside your second coming books.  Set aside your worries about the future and live life today.  We won't get another chance at it.  Today is our only chance to live the life of love today.

It is a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.

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