Monday, July 7, 2014

wrong again

I was wrong again.  Well, sort of.  My intentions were good, but I did not present the entire picture.  This is a common malady any time a person tries to say or write anything.

If you write about working hard in your marriage, then someone rightfully asks about situations of abuse.  If you tell people to save money for the future, someone rightfully asks about those who live below the poverty line.  It is hard to address every angle of a situation.

On Saturday I posted about the saying, "you can't want something for someone that they don't want themselves."  A writer correctly called me on this.  Explaining that in her job, she has to see the good in people and inspire them to more than they thought they might become. 

Wow.  I thought.  I better be doing that as well.  Helping people see their gifts.  Helping them see what they don't see in themselves.  Preachers better do that.

But there are those rare times when you have beaten your head against a wall so many times that you finally realize that there will be no movement on a thing until the person that you wish to help desires to move.  You can't lose the joy in your life trying to help people that refuse to be helped.

I wonder if I just did it again?  I hope not.  I really do see both sides of this.  Keep working, keep loving, keep inspiring, just remember that ultimately they are responsible for who they become.

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.

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