Monday, July 11, 2016

This blog

From time to time I am asked why this blog isn't more inspirational, or why there isn't a daily scripture or a daily joke.  Different readers have different expectations I guess.

If you look down the right hand side of the blog there is this purple writing that is there every single day, that tries to answer the question about what this blog is and is not.  The writing says this:

This blog is the occasional ramblings of Jeff Brinkman, a United Methodist Pastor. When Jeff cannot post, some of his buds take over. This blog may or may not inspire, may or may not be humorous, but will always be honest. This blog is Jeff's attempt to remind himself and others that God is greater than anything, and if we just look hard enough, we can see the good in life, and if we slow down and listen, we can hear the birds sing.

I wish that my life was always filled with good jokes, or warm spiritual thoughts, but my life is not. And I'll bet that your life isn't either. Life is random. That is part of what makes life special and beautiful.

God is great. See the Good! Enjoy!

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.


Anonymous said...

I, and many others never miss your blog, Jeff. And I like it just like it is...a variety.

Life is good.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is perfect!!