Tuesday, September 6, 2016

a typo story

Well if you have read my post before you have probably noticed a typo here and there. I apologize. I should do a better job proofing. I doubt I will catch them all though. I will fail again. It is inevitable, so I ask for Grace in advance.

All that being said a while back a friend of mine shared with me a difficult time he was going through. He mentioned how something I shared with him lifted him up at the right time. It was not planned on my part. I had shared this thought with him many weeks prior and he had stored it away. Then it came in handy at the right moment. I love when stuff like that happens. As we shared this story by email I “typo’ed” the word carrying for caring. Hmm…. When you care you carry. Maybe that typo had a purpose to it as well.


Lion’s Den Man

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