Friday, July 7, 2017

used to

I used to have this.  I used to have that.
You used to have this.  You used to have that.


Maybe you used to have a better house but now you don't.
Maybe I used to have a cooler car, but now I don't.
Maybe you used to have a better job, but now you don't.
Maybe your new boss will never measure up to the old boss in your mind.
Maybe you look back at a former relationship as the be all to end all.
Maybe I used to have a better figure.
Maybe you used to have more friends.

Maybe I used to.... Maybe you used to....

Let me make a few observations.
1.  We tend to romanticize things.  Over time, we forget the struggles and remember the good old days.  Sometimes it is only fair to remember that the thing in that past wasn't as perfect as we have made it in our minds.
2.  It is no disrespect to our old friends, our old job, or our old anything, to try and appreciate what we have now.  If we try to make the future work, it does not denigrate the past.
3.  Maybe today is a struggle compared to yesterday, but there is still good to be found in today.
4.  It is totally unfair to hate today's car, today's spouse, today's boss, today's income simply because it is not "yesterday's."
5.  If we are stuck in yesterday, we cannot celebrate today.  Today will never return to us.  It is our responsibility to give our lives to God, day by day.
6.  Maybe that car will come back, maybe your friends will come to visit.  Maybe that new person will respond to new kindness from you.  But no matter, we must live in today.  We must love today.

Our old life would want us to enjoy today.  God wants us to enjoy this day.  Live in the present- it isn't the past, but the present is a gift.

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.

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