Tuesday, May 15, 2012


This is a post about a friend, a fellow employee, someone with ALS. Dennis no longer works for us but he visits when his body lets him and when depression hasn't got the best of him. He uses a walker and sometimes needs to wear a neck brace to provide strength for his weaken neck muscles. It typically takes him 3 hours after he wakes up before his body responds well enough so that he can get around. It is becoming harder for him to breathe these days and three of his fingers don't work at all. Its sad because his hands were a great tool and gift. He is an amateur artist and photographer. He is a cabinet maker and built cabinets for officers when he served in the Navy. One of his loves was and still is gardening. The other day during one of his visits he shared with us how he was able to plant flowers in two clay pots just a few days before. He said he rested on his patio after doing so and watched birds playing in and around the bird house he had built years ago. He said that it was a really awesome day.

Even when he was healthy Dennis always seemed to move at a slower pace. He always enjoyed people and his hobbies and made time for both. It is sad to see what he is going through, but I am happy to see that even through all of this he still finds time to enjoy the simple things and what is around him.

Everyone's life is a story. Everyone's life carries a message.

Lion's Den Man

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