Friday, May 18, 2012

shutting out the world

Yesterday a comment was posted, here is part of what was said, "Frustrating and difficult to shut the world out sometimes and let God in. Sure feels comforting when it works!" 

How very true. Funny too how it seems that things are going along just great..everything seems to be falling into place....Life is good...You feel right about how you are spending your time and the next thing you know you are in a place that you don't want to be in...Life (the world) has taken over...What's good is when you realize that has happened and you are able to make the shift back to center. What's not as good is when it takes someone or something to wake you up....hopefully it was a gentle nudge and not a jolt. I know I find myself on that roller coaster and I have yet to figure out how to keep myself from letting the world take over. Even with daily prayer and feeding myself with books of inspiring wisdom and thought I can find myself distracted and not seeing the good...hearing the birds sing... as often as I should. I think the answer, at least for me, is to try and put my focus on someone else. Who can I lend a hand...or maybe better, an ear too. When we give away our time...ourselves to others tends to open up space in our hearts and lives and shuts the door on the world outside. Now, I just need to remember that because, "Sure feels comforting when it works!" 

Lion's Den Man

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