Sunday, February 26, 2017

future plans

A bit more on my future plans.

The District Superintendent asked me if I was wanting an appointment July 1.  I told him thank you for asking, but I am not ready to return to the church full time, just yet.

I am however, willing to fill the pulpit if you are a preacher and you are out of town or sick.  Just let me know.

Mostly, for the time being, I am hanging my shingle out there as a handyman.  Over the years I have painted, built decks, done tile work, and minor plumbing and electrical.

Here is my new business card:

I am willing to take on work in Florida or in KC.  I will be in KC April 9-May 31.  Let me know if you need something done.

By the way, I love my new schedule.  The schedule of the unemployed, the semi- retired, the hobo, the vagabond.  Say, what day is it???

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.


Ginger said...

I love the card. I love today's message. I love your sense of humor.

Joanne Priester said...

Hello good morning. Happy day. Liking the joy n freedom I hear in your new title --unemployed semi retired hobo n vagabond. Blessings as u keep on keeping on 😉

Eric said...

I like it Jeff! Good to hear your sense of humor and spirit. By the way, do you replace front enteyndoors:)..?