Sunday, February 26, 2012

enjoy the show part 2

David Letterman had the musician Warren Zevon on his show soon after Zevon found out he had cancer. Letterman asked him, "From your perspective, do you know something about life that maybe I don't know? Warren Zevon answered, "I know how much you're supposed to enjoy every sandwich."

It is the simple things the things in our daily lives that we tend to take for granted.

Do you let life go by each day without taking possession of it and doing with it the things that are of most importance? Each day is a gift. There is no guarantee of tomorrow. We hear those words we know and understand them but what do we do with that knowledge.  Do we plan for tomorrow and leave today off the planner? I throw these things out only because I am guilty of often looking past today and not enjoying people, time, and the simple things in my life.

So, the goal in the moment, be apart of what is going on here and now, enjoy what is in front of me. Put "now" first and the plans second. Life will fall into place if I don't get in the way.

Lion's Den Man

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