Saturday, February 25, 2012

Just Enjoy the Show

You may not be a fan of baseball. You may not be a fan of Brad Pitt. But, I think it is hard to not be a fan of a good message. Moneyball is a movie that has been nominated for best picture. My son and I watched this movie together as a rental. We paused it so many times to discuss what was going on that it took nearly an hour longer to watch the entire film. It was a great way to kill an afternoon. It was the first time we really connected on a topic. It made the day really slow and really enjoyable. I think I will remember that day for a long time.

There are a lot of good quotes in the movie. I like the one that Brad Pitt makes, " I made one decision in my life based on money. And I swore I would never do it again."....solid thinking...great message. But, without a doubt, the final scene is a great message and a great reminder for all to hear.

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Remember "Slow it Down.....Enjoy the Show"

Lion's Den Man

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