Monday, June 18, 2012

Hard work

Summertime is here.  It is going to get hot and muggy.  Some nasty jobs are going to come along. 

One that I despise is weeding a very large flower garden in our back yard.  Now, I love to work outside, but summertime heat tends to zap my desire to do so.  Sometimes I have to just go out there and get after it and slug through it.  One step at a time, one foot then the other.  Pick off a bit that I can accomplish, then come in for a drink and a rest.  Eventually it gets done, and I am always glad that I engaged the job and prevailed.  I am not really interested in living with the alternative of realizing I could have done something, but chose to be lazy.

 So it is with life.  Sometimes things get tough.  We may want to lay in bed all day.  We don't want to get smelly and dirty with the problems of life.  But they are not going to go away.  Sometimes you just have to get up and take a step.  Instead of stepping back from the problems, step into the difficulty and fear.  One step at a time, one piece at a time, we can make a difference.  Nothing of importance in this life is accomplished without a little bit of hard work.  Stop when you need to and refresh yourself with prayer and peaceful meditation, then get back after it.  You will make your goal.  But even if we don't get completely finished in this life, I would rather spend my time pursuing the greater good then sticking my head in the sand.  How about you?

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.

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GlendaA said...

Especially timely for me today. Thanks!