Tuesday, June 12, 2012

my cousin

My cousin, Christy Heising died yesterday after a long struggle with cancer.  She lived in south Texas and I had not seen her very many times in my adult life.  I suppose the last was about three years ago at a family reunion in Kirkwood.

When we were young we visited each other's homes occasionally.  Most of the cousins contact in our extended family was when we would all show up for Easter, Thanksgiving, or something in the summer at Grandma's home in Kirkwood.

She is the first of my cousins to pass.  She will be missed.

Besides her death, I have done three funerals in the last two weeks.  I love the families, and I am glad to support them, but I will tell you, a person can get tired of burying good folks.

So, give thanks.  You are alive.  We are alive!  God has given us this day.  Let us live and love and savor each moment.

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.


Anonymous said...

Jeff, you bring up a struggle many people have, with the sad feeling of saying goodbye. As we all age, the frequency of this journey of life event only increases.

I have been asking God to help me grow in realizing that the passing of family, loved ones, and friends is as natural an event as the birth of newborns. But it's hard, because it's human nature to feel sadness with loss. It would be so nice if we could find a happy medium with the excitement and joy of welcoming a new baby into the world, and the tears and void that come when God and the angels welcome our loved ones into heaven. I pray that God will help me learn to share the joy of Heaven, when facing numerous funerals, even in one week.

God bless you in this first loss of your generation of family.

Mike said...

Jeff, I am so sorry for your loss....our prayers are with you and your family.