Friday, June 22, 2012


today i am wearing a rubberband as a reminder. sad to say but yes i need to do this as a reminder to myself that today is a gift, and so being, i need to remember every person i come in contact with today is one of God’s creations….no more no less than me. i need to take heed and put into action the high commandments of love. it is time to take off my lenses and do my best to see through a greater set of eyes.

so, at days end when i am ready to lay down to sleep, i hope i can look back at the day and know i smiled at others, helped when and where needed, put others first, gave time and listened more than i spoke. that i paused, observed, rested, prayed and recognized the opportunities set before me. i hope i was able to move beyond myself and i did not use, as an excuse, the world around me, for my inability to do what was right. i hope i saw God in everything and people saw Him in me.

if so i will sleep well i am sure.

Lion’s Den Man

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