Saturday, June 2, 2012

the image of God

When we think about the second commandment, "thou shalt not make any graven images."  We think about golden calves and statues, and we think we are pretty safe.  Maybe we go a little further and think that we should not make a god out of our car, boat or home.  We usually pick something that keeps us safe, and steer away from the things that maybe do have too prominent of a place in our lives.

What if the commandment means all those things, plus something else.  What if it means that we should not pile attributes on God that don't belong there?  Maybe it means that we should not create an image of him that is not solidly Biblical. 

When we kept slaves, many Christians found a way to create a god that was ok with that.  When we use our national power for various reasons, voices always find a way to put the stamp of God on our actions.  When we became the most prosperous nation in the world, we wanted to see God as the provider of good things.

The problem with some of this is that God is not just the God of America or Lee's Summit.  He is also the God of the enslaved, the powerless and the poor. He is the Lord of all.

What if instead of trying to create a picture of God that validates me, I try to find out more about who God really is, and adjust my thinking and my life direction to what God is really about?  It's just a thought.

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.

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Anonymous said...

.... a very, very good thought.... hmmm, suppose it could go viral?