Friday, June 6, 2014


Someone posted a question on why Methodists Baptize babies.  There are many churches with many different kinds of doctrines.  If you grew up in a church that did not baptize children, you were probably taught-

1. baptism is about your decision
2. baptism can be repeated if you sin bad enough and want to be baptized again.
3. the early church did it this way

What I would tell you is this:
1.  baptism is about God's promise before its about your decision. If it about us being good followers of Jesus we better get baptized every day.
2.  you are baptized into Christ, there is never a need for rebaptism.
3.  the teaching of some churches called "believers baptism or adult baptism only" is a late comer to Christian Theology.  The early church always baptized children.  there is no scriptural evidence for adults holding their children until later to be baptized.  There is evidence however that entire households were baptized.

you may find this article from my website helpful to read -

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