Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Historic Woods Chapel

Several have asked me if there is a connection between our church and the white frame church on the corner of 291 and Woods Chapel Road. 

Woods Chapel Road is named after the historic white frame church.  Our church is named for being on Woods Chapel Road.  The white frame church was Presbyterian.  Here is a brief history of the building:


Located at Wood’s Chapel Road and 291 Highway,

Woods Chapel has long been a familiar historic landmark in eastern Jackson County.

In 1861, land was deeded to John S. Woods and 2 others as trustees for a Cumberland Presbyterian Church to be located between the communities of Lee’s Summit and Blue Springs. The present building was erected in 1875 to replace the original log building on the same site.

The Presbyterians met in the building until the 1930s. The KC Presbytery then sold the building to a person who planned to raze it. The local Ladies-Aid-Society, who had met in the building since 1910, were aghast. They proceeded to purchase the building in 1945 and continued to use it until donating it and the grounds, in 1982, to the Friends of Missouri Town 1855. The Chapel now serves as a meeting place and social hall for the Friends.

A kitchen and restroom, as well as heating and air conditioning were added to the building, however, the handmade pews and pulpit are original to the building, as are the dark wood wainscot and ceiling. Originally there was a cast iron stove in the center of the room for heat, and kerosene chandeliers hung from hooks, which are still visible on the ceiling. The cemetery at the rear of the church is the final resting place for many of the early church members.
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