Tuesday, June 10, 2014

God's Truth

From an author I enjoy….
“Sometimes we hear people use the phrase God’s truth. This phrase is a problem. It’s best not to use it. Why? Because what other kind of truth is there? If it’s true, then it’s from God. Science, art, politics, history, psychology, biology-all truth is God’s truth. (A nod to Thomas Aquinas there, as well as Arthur Holmes.) To say something is God’s truth implies that some truth belongs to God and then there is another kind of truth, that apparently doesn’t belong to God. Not helpful. If it’s true, it has only one source, God. Some things that are labeled Christian aren’t true, and some things that aren’t labeled Christian are true. Some atheists say lots of things that are true, and some Christians are full of it.”

I hope what I hear and read is true, but I know this will not always be the case and so I must test what I have learned. I hope I am always open minded and willing to study new thoughts, listen and discuss other ideas (a big part of the testing process). Pursuing the truth, gaining knowledge and understanding are vital to growth. If I fail to do so I put up walls and my own understanding becomes my truth. I create a box. I think God is saddened by those kinds of boxes.

Lion’s Den Man

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