Thursday, June 12, 2014

your faith story

Do you ever get to feeling dry?  Do you ever feel like God is far away?  I think we all get this feeling from time to time.  It makes us feel sad, forlorn and discouraged.

Often this comes from being too busy.  It is a sign that we need to slow down.  Sit down.  Take a deep breath.  Spend some time with our Father.

Think back over the years and remember your faith journey.  Remember all the times that he has been there for you.  Remember the moments of hope, the moments of embrace, the moments of joy!

God has never left us, nor will he.  Our sense of closeness to him is all about our perception, our awareness, and our willingness to spend time and listen.

Right now, take some time.

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.

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Anonymous said...

Jeff, good comments about feeling dry. I think sometimes feeling dry isn't all bad, in that the refreshing falling rain showers that wash over us, from God's watch care, love, and reassurance, feel so much better after we've been dry.

You had wonderful comments about rain, in a recent post. The June rains we're getting seem so wonderful, when we've been in a drought mode for so long.

God will never allow us to be dry dry forever. He loves us too much.