Sunday, August 7, 2016

learning and growing

reading about this is one thing.
visiting is another indeed.
Americans have confused learning with growing. We have come to believe that if you learn more you are growing. Often we learn more and still find ways to stay stuck in our current comfortable paradigms.

Growing means that we leave our comfort zone and enter the mission field with Jesus. Are you ready for that? Am I?

Rick Rusaw in his book, The Externally Focused Church says,

"Learn by study; grow by serving, “We don’t do our people any favors by letting them attend church every week, living with the illusion that they are growing. They may be learning, but they are not growing.”

“Ministry to others is almost always as beneficial as or more beneficial than other spiritual disciplines that contribute to spiritual growth.  Service is as or more beneficial then other spiritual disciplines."

When we read about homeless people we learn about them. When we go feed them, sit with them, listen to them and get to know them, we grow.

When we read about the poor in Nicaragua, we learn. When we go and see them, when we reach out and care for them in person, when we see how they live and what they experience, we grow.  It changes how you see everything.  It makes  you more grateful, more appreciative and you will never look at a plate of food the same way again.

Learn by study. Grow by serving.

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.

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