Tuesday, December 6, 2011

being challenged

This question from a book got me thinking, "Do we go to retreats, church, seminars, conferences, pray and read books on faith to be spiritually nourished? Or do we do these things to be spiritually challenged?"

Maybe your answer is both, which I think is a good answer. A big part of growth comes from the challenge. A big reason I attend church is because my thoughts, beliefs and understanding were put to the challenge. It made me dig for answers and helped me find the truth. Now, years later I find myself still wanting to be challenged. It strengthens me. It makes me ask questions and seek council. The one thing I can say with certainty is that God is bigger than I could ever allow Him to be. I am not, and hopefully never will be, satisfied and comfortable with what I know or feel I understand regarding God. Sure there are some basic truths revealed to all of us that I find comfort in knowing, but I pray I never limit God or become satisfied, arrogant, or complacent by knowing just those things. I believe God gave to me (us) a glimpse so that we might understand enough to want to seek out more.

Lion's Den Man

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