Monday, December 5, 2011


Last night the WCC Jazz Band put on another great performance. I am glad it was able to happen knowing that they have had some struggles this year. We are blessed at WCC to not only have this talent but to have it pulled together and used as an outreach ministry.

One very cool thing I learned at the concert was that the Jazz Band was open to youths as well . There was some great young talent on the stage last night and it could not have happened if the opportunity had not been made available. It seems of late that every time I turn around I hear/see of another person stepping up to do the right thing for the youth in our congregation and our community. I have written in past about the positive influence people at our church, in the community, coaches and teachers have had on my kids. It just goes so far and so deep and makes such a lasting impression. So today I want to say thanks to Jim McFall and the WCC Jazz Band for doing so much more than just playing great music....

Lion's Den Man

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