Tuesday, December 20, 2011

homeless adoption

I have been adopted by a homeless couple.  Its the reverse of normal.  Usually someone makes a commitment to adopt a needy person.  This couple has attached themselves to me.

They call me all the time.  Yesterday, he called me four times.  Part of me wants to walk on by, but I just can't do it.  I have to find some agency or something that can help them.  I can't do it all.  I don't want to think of them and their needs all the time, but it sure has taken up a goodly amount of my brain.  Maybe that is a good thing. 

They are staying at this motel on 40 highway.  $20 per night.  We forget how blessed we are.  We also forget that the good news is for everyone, not just the folks that live in our comfort zone.  I know there is a reason why all of this is on my mind.

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.


Anonymous said...

I visited with them yesterday. They truly are in need of help. Sadly they are just two of many.

Glenda A said...

When I read this yesterday, I thought, why is he talking about this again? He just talked about it in church Sunday, and also a few weeks ago on the blog. Probably because it needed to drop a foot or so, from my head to my heart! Like many others I had heard the story, but I hadn't listened to the story.
Since the Bartmans moved, I have trouble finding a place for leftovers. Maybe I've found a place for those. Sadly for you, this may include Christmas Day. I'll have to find out which unit they occupy. I am making salmon.

Anonymous said...

What can we do ... Let us know ... Kb