Saturday, December 10, 2011

I hope for a Methodist

If all a Methodist does is say the sinner’s prayer and punch his ticket for heaven, then we will continue to be a powerless lot.  There is so much more to the Christian life.

 I yearn for Methodists that learn to pray when they are unhappy.  That give not their voice to complaint or sadness, but lift up their concerns to our Father.  Their prayers are filled the phrase, “thank you.”  Their prayers are becoming more and more about being in His presence, and in such activity, they are being infused with joy.

 I yearn for Methodists that make their church a priority.  They are present unless sick or out of town.  They see their church’s imperfections and love it and support it all the same.  They teach their children the value of the church and invite the unchurched to attend.  They are so committed to their church, when they roll in for their funeral, it won’t seem strange to them to be in the sanctuary.

I yearn for Methodists who have fought and won the war with our culture.  Who have turned their back on the American dream and learned to pursue God’s dreams.  These are those who know that all that we have and all that we are have come from above.  They look at their possessions, their salary and their 401k as gifts from our Father to be used in his service.

 I yearn for Methodists who serve.  Their time is their Father’s.  They find a place to give themselves in service to others.  Not out of duty, for they have truly found the joy of living outside of themselves.  A church filled with such people is a wonder to behold in the community.  A church not turned in, but a church that is turned out.

 I yearn for Methodists who bear witness to their faith.  Not in scary, guilt laden ways, but with a joy that is based in reality.  They accept people where they are at and are filled with grace.  They are always willing, always ready to share a word with another.  To help them see the good.  To help them see and find the God who is the source of love in this world.

 Give me such Methodists and we will turn a new page in every work place, every school and every community. 

 What kind of a Methodist are you?  What kind of a Methodist am I?

 It’s a beautiful day in God’s world, be sure to see the good.

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Anonymous said...

God shares your yearnings, and what you have mentioned is good for congregants of other denominations, besides Methodists.

One part of your desires deals with a subject you've shared many times before. That being the subject of financial priorities.

I encourage everyone to read some sobering testaments in this morning's Kansas City Star, as to how much out of whack many in our nation are, with regard to money they have and money they don't have: 1)Something has changed in our nation, with regard to whomever is encouraging students to use student loans as personal income, and resulting in deep debt among students who can't possibly afford to pay back the loans. Who is encouraging these kids to go deep in debt at such a young age? 2)alongside a photo of Shaquille O'Neal is a compelling article about a new book out, entitled "Shiny Objects." The book deals with how in excess people are trying to find happiness by spending way over their income, 3)sadly, the third commentary deals with how mega churches are tying themselves to corporations to generate donations and support. How long until we see and "Occupy Churches" movement?

We really need to keep praying that not only Methodists, but Americans can get their priorities straight and learn where the things we have came from (God.)