Monday, December 12, 2011

Financial Problems

I recently finished a book by Larry Burkett called “Debt Free Living.”  It was written 20 years ago, but recently updated due to conditions in our country.

 As I talk with people about their issues and talk with my children about theirs, Burkett has identified some human behaviors that lead to financial trouble that I thought made an interest litany.

 Here is a partial list of ways we get in trouble-

Living beyond one’s means, spending more than they make, being unwilling to lower their standard of living, greed, impulse buying, get rich quick schemes, a lack of planning, being unprepared for future expenses, not having a budget, not being willing to deny myself anything, insisting that I have everything now that I grew up with or have had in the past, an inability to account for where the money went, lack of self discipline, assuming  that lenders would not loan you what you could not pay for, lack of communication between spouses, intentionally hiding things from spouses, wanting too much too soon, trying to match in three years the lifestyle that it took your parents thirty years to accumulate, ignoring your advisers, giving in to “small” indulgences, and finally, not thinking about it – denial.

 There are many problems with living a life that is out of financial balance.  Such living puts our families in danger, robs us of self esteem and is often dishonoring to God.

 There is good news though.  Simply by beginning to practice good stewardship habits, things can improve. For anyone that is interested, we have people at our church who are willing to spend time to advise you.  I am willing as well.  Regardless of the hole that a person may find themselves in, God is good and life is good and things can improve.

It is a beautiful day in God’s world, be sure to see the good.

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