Saturday, December 3, 2011

tacos part deux

My dear friend Sharon had this comment on my post of a few days ago-

Very interesting story...let me tell you mine. I was at that very same Taco Bell a few years ago but had a very different situation. I went through the drive-thru, placed my order and then pulled up to the window to pay. I realized my wallet was not in my purse--I had left it at my daughter's house. I apologized to the lady at the window and started to drive off. She says, "Oh, don't worry about it honey" and hands me my food and drink. I said that wasn't necessary and she insisted that I take the food without payment. I told her I'd bring the money back, but I'm not sure I ever did. But doesn't it seem kind of ironic that there are homeless/hungry people with no money hanging around Taco Bell waiting for leftovers while people with money (not necessarily on them) get their food for free. What's wrong with this picture?

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