Thursday, December 1, 2011

two tacos

I dropped off a couple of books to a Catholic Priest friend of mine over by Rockhurst College.  It is lunch time now.  I am on the way to St. Joseph hospital to visit a member.  Since I am concerned about starving to death before I get to the hospital, I stop at the Taco Bell at 103rd and State Line.  These are my old stomping grounds [but more about that later.]

As I park the car, I notice a homeless man by the dumpster.  I go in to order my lunch.  I get my Taco Bell usual.  Three tacos and a bean burrito.  I really like hitting Taco Bell.  Thank God the food is good for you.

As I am eating, I notice another homeless man who is asleep inside, in a booth.  Arms crossed on the table, head on arms, out cold.  Dead to the world.  Someone has laid a $5 bill on the table at the edge of his arm.  When he wakes up, he will be glad to see this.

As I am eating my food, I keep thinking about the homeless man outside.  I decide that I really don't need to eat the last two tacos.  I go to get a to go bag and head outside.  I go looking over by the dumpster, but the homeless man is gone.

Three people sitting in a car think that I am throwing away the bag.  They try to tell me where the dumpster door is at.  I tell them that I was looking for the homeless man.  I was going to give him these two tacos.  Without hesitation, they all said, "we are homeless."  I took the bag of two tacos over to their dilapidated car.  A young woman in the back seat stuck her hand out the window.  I gave her the tacos.

She was absolutely delighted.  You would have thought she hadn't eaten in a week.

Oh.  Wait.  Well, I guess I don't know when she ate last.  But yesterday, she got two tacos from an old preacher.  And she gave the preacher something to think about.  Is it possible that homeless people hang around at places to eat, hoping that some kind soul will bring some food to them on their way out?

It's a beautiful day  in God's world, be sure to see the good.

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Sharon said...

Very interesting story...let me tell you mine. I was at that very same Taco Bell a few years ago but had a very different situation. I went through the drive-thru, placed my order and then pulled up to the window to pay. I realized my wallet was not in my purse--I had left it at my daughter's house. I apologized to the lady at the window and started to drive off. She says, "Oh, don't worry about it honey" and hands me my food and drink. I said that wasn't necessary and she insisted that I take the food without payment. I told her I'd bring the money back, but I'm not sure I ever did. But doesn't it seem kind of ironic that there are homeless/hungry people with no money hanging around Taco Bell waiting for leftovers while people with money (not necessarily on them) get their food for free.
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