Thursday, December 29, 2011

diet plan

I don't know how many times I grab something to eat that is quick and flavorful yet has no ability to keep me satisfied. It is a bad habit and a hard one to break. I know it, yet I continue to do it. And I know that it really does me more harm than good...I have a scale to prove it. Lessons on good nutrition can be found everywhere. When it comes down to the basics, the lesson is eat healthy push the other stuff away and the rest will take care of itself.

I make choices in other areas of my life each day on what or how I feed myself. Where I spend my time, my money, what I read, talk about, listen too etc. Just like with food, I have choices on what I will fill myself with each day...the junk or the good stuff.

This time of year many look to what they don't like about their lives....what they want to fix, change or improve on. Maybe the best place to start with change is to work on what we allow ourselves to take in....

Lion's Den Man

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