Monday, May 19, 2014


If you have ever watched a grandpa rocking on his porch and thought, "how sad" did you ever wonder what he was thinking?  What is he thinking about you and me? 

What if he is finally past trying to figure everything out?  What if he laughs at us thinking that we know something?  Or better yet, what if he is not even worried about us and what we think. 

What if he is finally at last resting, relaxing, enjoying and celebrating life. 

It's a beautiful day in God's world, relax and see the good.

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Anonymous said...

Okay friend, this picture is not the kind of rocking I see you doing in retirement. While it is true that retirement and some rest would be a wonderful gift to you, even right now, after all your intense labor of love in pastoring and preparing/preaching sermon after sermon, I see two kinds of rocking.

1. You'll be hanging out some place with friends, rocking to all the old favorite songs you love, and your favorite artists. Maybe rocking back and forth a little, when you do karaoke.

2. You have such an abundant and engaged heart of love for your family, that you'll be loving on and rocking little grandchildren, when that phase of life comes.

You'll be rocking, but it won't look like this dude on his front porch.

Rock on.