Sunday, May 25, 2014


Someone mentioned that one of my posts last week was heavy.  Probably so.  Some of the daily posts sometimes feel light to me as well. 

Life has it's times doesn't it?  Happy, sad, funny, heavy, lost and found - we find it all.  Sometimes we wish that we never had ups and downs, but what would that life be like?

Personally I find that the changes of life turn me towards our Father.  The joys and concerns are all part of the daily dance of life.

Today we will be gathering in worship at Woods Chapel to celebrate again the presence of God in the midst of our lives.  Some will arrive happy, some heavy, some ambivalent.  God is with us through it all.

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.


Anonymous said...

I now have friends/family in other parts of the country who have become regulars at reading your blog.

One thing that keeps me and others coming back to read the good things you share is that you are a "real" person, living in a "real" world. And you help others with "real" problems, whether your subject matter is light and funny, or whether it's heavy and necessary to discuss. God wants us to all challenge each other. And your challenges to be better people, reach for excellence, ask what is the right thing to do, and relate to God in new ways are good for all of us.

You do such a great job. Thanks for all the time you spend getting these out on your blog.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

And to add a second thought about the lessons you teach so well, in your blog and your sermons (whether they are heavy or on the lighter side.)

Your sermon today had some great lessons. Liked the comment that whatever you own, owns a part of you. And your picking up daughter at the airport was the icing on the cake, to your point. You sort of owned her financially until she got out on her own after college. So the emotions you experienced at the airport show plainly, what a huge piece of you your kids own (namely your heart.)

Beautiful and touching. Thanks.