Monday, March 28, 2016

joke day

In the Eastern Orthodox Church, the day after Easter is joke day.  They tell jokes because on Easter, Jesus pulled the wool over Satan's eyes.  He got the best of the devil.  [now you know that I don't believe that the devil is the opposite of God, but I am just going to let them keep their metaphor.]  In fact, I am going to join in.  Today is joke day.  Let's enjoy.

Here are a smattering of my favorite jokes [I have chosen the pirate category]:
What is a pirate's favorite animal?
Arrrrdvark or Arrrrmadillo
What kind of socks do pirates wear?
What is the favorite country of a pirate?
Why are pirates cool?
They just arerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Well we could go on and on, but if you catch one little smile today from a joke that you know, give thanks to God because Jesus is the Victor and we can all rest easy today.  He is risen!

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.

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