Sunday, April 10, 2016

2650 part 2

People are funny.

During the flight emergency [see yesterday's post] people on the plane were pretty calm.  The crew did a great job of keeping things chill.  There was relief that we were safe.  I was glad to be walking up that jet-way.  I didn't care if I got to Florida that night or not.  I was just glad to be back on terra-firma.

Once we got back into the airport, everything changed.

We were met with a box dinner and a promise that our flight would leave on a different plane in an hour.  Two hours later, our Delta phone apps tell us that the flight won't leave until the next morning.  Someone brings this to the gate agent's attention.  He can't say anything until his supervisor shows up.  A short time later, the supervisor informs us that everyone will get their flight cost refunded.  Unfortunately the flight is not going out tonight.  Also, there are no hotels available.  Find a place to crash, see you in the morning.  :-)

Now the complaining starts.  I heard things like, "what?  No hotel?  You could have told us this two hours ago!  This is ridiculous.  You have to be kidding!"

I thought, oh my, a short time ago, everyone was praying for a safe landing, and now we have made it all about us again.  My how quickly selfishness can return!

I talked to several of the flight attendants that had been with us.  They were shaken.  They had never been in a situation like this.  They were not complaining.  They were heading off to their break room to sleep.

So where do you sleep in the Atlanta Airport?  The chairs in B terminal all have arms so you can't lay down on them, so I tried the floor in gate 24, but there was a woman who decided to talk on the phone at 2am.  She had a really big, loud voice......... grr.  I walked down to the food court.  I pulled some stools together in the Samuel Adams Brewery.  I actually slept there for an hour.  I woke at 3am.  Someone told me that E terminal had chairs without arms so you could lay down.  I head out for E terminal.  The train is not running, so you get to walk.  Well I didn't have anything else to do, so off I went.  Gate 12 in E terminal proved to be pretty sweet.  A somewhat comfy place to lay down, and no one talking.  Just the TV talking politics and some pretty bright overhead lights.  But I don't care, I am so ready for sleep.

As I lay down across those chairs and put my head on that backpack, I remembered this story from the life of John Wesley:

During John Wesley’s student days, a poor porter, whose job it was to carry people’s luggage, knocked on Wesley’s door one evening and asked to speak with him.
During their conversation, Wesley observed the man’s thin coat. It was a cold night, and Wesley suggested that he had better get another coat.
“This is the only coat I have,” the man replied, “and I thank God for it.”
Wesley asked the man if he had eaten and the man answered, “I have had nothing today but water to drink, but I thank God for that.”
Wesley, growing uneasy in the man’s presence, reminded him that he would have to leave soon or be locked out. “Then what would you thank God for?” Wesley asked.
“I will thank God,” replied the man, “that I have dry stones to lie upon.”
Wesley was deeply moved by the man’s sincerity and he said to him, “You thank God when you have nothing to wear, nothing to eat, and no bed to lie on. What else do you thank God for?”
The simple man replied, “I thank God that he has given me life, a heart to love him, and a desire to serve him.”
After the man had left with a coat from Wesley’s closet, some money for food, and words of appreciation for the witness he had made, Wesley wrote in his journal, “I shall never forget that porter. He convinced me there is something in religion to which I am a stranger.”

I woke up two hours later and felt much better.  I called my dear wife.  I was glad to be alive.  We all have so much to be thankful for.  Life is too short to waste time complaining.

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure, really sure to see the good.

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K-Mac said...

Last week my cousin lost her baby at 38 weeks and my husband's best friend lost his mother. We cried and hugged and held each other extra tight knowing how precious life is and how nothing is guaranteed. We are so lucky to have each other and be where we are today.

Today I went to eat my left-overs for lunch and someone had taken them/thrown them away. We went out to lunch Friday, I purposely ordered a dinner sized portion so I could save half for lunch and someone threw it out before I was able to enjoy it. I was really, really angry and determined to solve this mystery!

And just like that, I forgot what was important (which I am incredibly embarrassed to admit...). My husband loves me, my kids are healthy, we have wonderful friends and family... and I can find something else for lunch.