Tuesday, April 19, 2016

a windfall

Last week I won the lottery.  Almost.

I stopped at Taco Bell [I know its not good for you but whatever....]  I ordered 6 tacos and a large drink [sharing w my wife 3x2=6].

The cashier had just started her shift.  She rang up my total $9.57 and I gave her a $20 bill.  When the drawer opened, there was no money in it.  She started to go get the manager, and handed me back my $20 for safekeeping [now you see where this is going.]

The manager came over with a drawer full of money.  The cashier handed me my change of $10.43, six tacos and a large cup.

Now these are the moments when we have to sleep with our conscience at night.  I could have walked with my $20, the food and $10.43 in change.  I really wasn't event tempted to do that though.

I had to call the cashier off to the side, so the manager did not see, and then I gave her the $20.  Oh, the smile on her face.  She was so grateful!  And I slept well that night.

I am always surprised when people intentionally do the wrong thing and think that they are getting away with something.  We have to live with ourselves don't we?  Always make it right if they give you the wrong change.  Its the only right thing to do.

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.

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