Saturday, April 2, 2016


We are so full of ourselves.

Sometimes, often, for many of us, maybe for most of us, spirituality begins with unlearning what we think we know.  That which we insist we are right about must be released if our minds will be open to something new.

Jesus' teachings are completely counter-intuitive to the natural human mind.  How we live and what we think must be set aside if we would become followers of Jesus.  Spirituality is often subtraction before it is adding a new idea.

We think that we gain by adding more.  Jesus tells us to give ourselves away.
We by nature tend to judge others.  Jesus teaches us to love.
We insist that our doctrine is right.  Jesus laughs at our efforts to put God in a box.
We hold up the Bible, yet ignore much of its teaching.
We want enough religion to make us comfortable, Jesus wants us to leave our comfort zone.
We justify our lives. Jesus challenges our lives.

Lose your life to find your life.
Lose your insistence on being right to find peace with God.

Stop trusting in your mind and fall into the grace of God.

Sometimes old ideas, even cherished ideas must leave our minds to make room for the teachings of Jesus.

It's a beautiful, sometimes uncomfortable day in God's world, be sure to see the good.

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