Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Lions Den man posted on Jan 2 about his glasses.  I would like to say more about this important topic today.

We put on our glasses every day.  It is the way that we see the world, the lenses though wich we perceive everything.  If your glasses tell you that you will be mistreated today, you will probably find that.  If your glasses tell you that life is good, you are more apt to find that.  If you believe in a big Devil, then you will find him all day [good luck with that.]  If you believe that this is our Father's world, then you will see him in all things.

The sad part to me about our glasses, our perspectives, is when we don't recognize what our's is.  Some don't even understand that they wear glasses that color how they see the world.  I think even those who are aware, can miss important truths, because we are stuck on our own limited perspective.

Be willing from time to time to take your glasses off and see the world thru the view of another.

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good, and sometimes in order to see the good, we need to see the world as others see it, or even as God sees it.

Take off your glasses.

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Like. Verrry in-ter-es-ting