Monday, January 16, 2017

old photo

So I found this old picture some years ago.  It is me in 1974 getting ready to go to a 1950's theme dance.   Sunglasses, hair slicked back, t-shirt with a pack of cigarettes rolled up in the sleeve, and penny loafers.  Cool!!  I am posing in front of my 1963 Ford Galaxie 500.  Ohh I have some great stories about that car.

I got my first ticket in that car, on I-5 near Barstow, California.  I was going 105 in a 55.  When the officer asked me why I was going 105, I told him that evidently 105 was all the faster that the car would go.

Anyway, this picture takes my 59 year old body back to a time when I was young.  And at this moment I am thinking of the lyrics of the song We are Young by the group Fun.

We are young.  we are young. 
So we set the world on fire.
We can grow brighter than the sun.
We are young, we are young.

Oh how much fun it was to be young, and how delightful to remember it all from time to time.  I wish I still had that car..... I bought it for $100 and sold it for $150. Who knows what it would be worth today.  But the memories are priceless.

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.


Anonymous said...

105 in a 55? That's a lot of doubling down. Your answer to the officer cracked me up. That could have been a real Yogi Berra zinger. "Don't drive a car faster than it will go."

Great memories. Glad you can enjoy them. And like your mom taught you, "always count your blessings." At 59 you still have your memory bank.

Joanne Priester said...

Can't prove to me any of that Was you