Thursday, August 21, 2014


After yesterday's post, someone asked if I thought my parents were ever in love.  I know that I can speak to this and that my sisters would agree, because we have talked about it many times.

If love means staying with someone through thick and thin, then they did.  If love means providing for a family's physical needs, then they did.  If love means taking care of your spouse when they are dying, then my Dad sure did.  We know that later in life they enjoyed taking trips together:  Hawaii, New England, canoeing, and such.

But, they never ever had a date night.  They always went to bed at different times of the night.  They never closed the door to their bedroom.  They never smooched in front of us.  They were both born in the middle of the depression.  They grew up in very difficult circumstances.  Their upbringing was hard, and their tenor in life reflected that.

With that said, from some people in this life you learn how to do a thing.  From other people you learn what not to do.  You can learn something from everyone.  Sometimes we are a reflection of what we were taught and sometimes we are a reaction to what we were taught. 

Back to love.  Pat S said in a sermon last year, that being thankful does not count if you don't say thank you.  I would add to that, loving someone does not really count unless you tell them.  How would they even know if you loved them?

So, today, if you love someone, tell them.  And tell them like you mean it.  You just might make their day.

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.

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