Wednesday, August 20, 2014


cover of picture folder
My sister gave me a couple of boxes of old pictures.  They had things that my Mom had saved.  Scrapbooks, high school letters, mementos of vacations gone by, and many pictures that I had never seen before.

Evidently my Mom was in love before she met Dad.  We never knew this. She never spoke of it.  There were several pictures of her with someone named Art.  I am attaching photos today of them together at a place called the Black Forest restaurant in St. Louis.  It used to be a very cool place to eat.  Swanky.  They had this picture taken as a memento- It came in a very nice cover, much like what you would get if you had your picture taken at the prom.

I find it interesting that in the back ground of this picture at this "very nice" restaurant you can see that the chairs are old and beat up and they do not match.  You would never see something like this at the Hereford House today.  I think the expectations were a little lower back then.

I am still trying to get my mind around the number of pictures of Mom and Art.  What happened?  What if it would have gone differently?

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.


Anonymous said...

Your mom was a very pretty lady. It must seem so surreal to go through pictures of people who are dear to your heart, but you can no longer have conversations with them, as in the past.

Looking at these pictures must bring both joy and sadness. Here's wishing you more of the joy element than the sadness.

Anonymous said...

Another thought has come to mind about your post today. Two somewhat recent scenarios in our own family.

1)After "Grandma" passed away, "Grandpa" married within ten months. He could not have functioned or lived as long, had he been alone. He was used to having a wife to take care of him. In all the years Grandpa and Grandpa were married (more than 60 years) their children never saw one display of affection. Possibly due to the generation of men "Grandpa" grew up in.

However, once Grandpa remarried, at age 85, these two were hugging and smooching in front of their kids/grands all the time. We were like "we didn't even know" Grandpa has an affection side. This is a different person.

Fast forward fifteen years. Grandpa has passed on now. But one of his daughters passed away. After much deep grief her husband has now been able to move on with life, which is healthy emotionally. He met a wonderful woman, and they will soon be married. However, during their courtship, they only have eyes for each other, are all giggly and affectionate. That's good. But one of his adult children are smiling and shaking their heads when they are around them. Their comment is "we've never seen our Dad in love before."

Any comments or lessons from Jeff about these two scenario's. You've talked much about your loved and missed parents. Did you ever see your parents "in love?"