Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Robin Williams

How could Robin Williams take his own life?????  I loved most of his movies.  He was Patch Adams.  He was the doctor in the movie Awakenings.  He seemed to surely understand the importance of seeing the good in life.

It makes me sad.  It makes me wonder, why, how?  We know he struggled with depression.  I don't understand, but I do insist that we do not have to follow his lead.

Life is good.  Life is great - No matter what is going on in a person's life.  You want to talk about problems?  I have mine, and I could bring you to tears talking about them.  But no.  NO.  We must live.  L-I-V-E live.  Your life, it is a wondrous gift from our Father.  Never forget that.



Anonymous said...

Everyone's loss to lose a man who provided us so much laughter. Many actors, performers on stage and in screen are not the extroverts they appear to be onstage. My heart goes out to some of them who are another person offstage and have the same personal struggles other human beings find themselves in.

I feel sad for Robin Williams for the struggles he experienced with addiction and depression. I'm sure this is not the man he wanted to be. His passing also reminded me of one of my favorite natural funny men, Johnny Carson. On the tonight show he seemed like everyone's best friend, but when the curtain closed and he walked off stage, I always heard what an intensely private introvert he was.

All this will be better in heaven.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that because he killed himself it means he didn't see the good in life. One can be grateful and thankful and still be depressed. They are not mutually exclusive. Depression is a a very serious illness that can be devastating to life with.