Monday, August 11, 2014


Squeamish.  There are some things that make me feel that way.  Spiders.  Snakes.  Poison Ivy.  I had to cut down some poison ivy over the weekend.  I hated every minute of it.  I have taken 28 showers since I did it.  Pray that I won't break out.

The feeling of being squeamish is so human.  It stops us in our tracks and reminds us that we are not large and in charge, we are broken and human.

What makes you squeamish?

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.


Anonymous said...

Oh come on Mr. Clean. You couldn't have had time for 28 showers, because you spent half a day at church yesterday, enjoying "Showers of Blessings" because you like to go to church so much.

All in fun.

Pastor Lois said...

Squeamish? Yeah...that's a good word for my new self-discovery of "Fire Ants"! Growing up in Kansas I use to be squeamish about stepping in a pile of 'Poison Ivy'.... No More! Moving to Southern Oklahoma, I am Now much more intentional where I step than ever before. Nothing will make you strip down to your undies faster than a pile of those Devils. Squeamish? Oh, Yeah! Pastor Lois Bartley