Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Pam told me not to apologize, and I love Pam, but I am going to do it today.

I am sorry for the foolish idea that I had that I was going to be able to keep this long distance marriage up for seven years.  I fought off rumors because at the time they were not true.  [see my posts of October 2, 2014, April 22, 2015 and November 14, 2015]  I have never been disingenuous over what was going on.  I have been truthful about my feelings and the situation every step of the way.

I am sorry.  I am sorry for every person who is disappointed that I am leaving in June.  I am sorry for every person that is sad.  I am sorry for every moment of your life that I will not be there for.

However, this is a decision based on love and family values.  I know everyone understands that.  So, it is bitter sweet.

I love you all.  We have had 22 wonderful years and we have 5 more months together.  God is good.

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.


Anonymous said...

Those of us that love you were just waiting for you "to get there". I can't believe anyone is really shocked OR upset. We've had a year to prepare. Good for you and the family! If each step we take is genuine and sincere then we step forward head held high. Its the right decision - you were called to serve - not sacrifice. It's been my pleasure to know and be guided and supported by you.

Pam Dittmer said...

And everything is going to be alright....

Ann Fisher said...

I know your intentions were pure. You have poured your heart and soul into WCC. Time for you to be filled up, Go in peace and with our love, to join your family and to serve others. ��

Cita said...

Pastor Jeff,
I am not a member of your congregation, but I am your neighbor and my daughter has attended We Care and Vacation Bible School at WCC for the past three years. There is no aspect of this WCC that I have not found extremely positive. The VBS is the most involved and well attended that I've ever experienced and my daughter and I both look forward to it every year. I have no doubt that the Christian attitude that exudes from everyone I've met that is affiliated with the church and the abundance of blessings flowing within the church are a reflection of the strong and faithful leadership of the WCC's Pastor. I wish for you the best and I know that blessings will follow you where ever you may go!!!