Saturday, January 23, 2016

keep blogging

Someone asked if I was going to keep blogging after I moved.  The answer is yes.

I was appointed to Woods Chapel in 1994.  I started blogging on May 3, 2007.  Certainly the work of ministry flows in and out of my appointment to the church and the blog, but they are not officially linked.

I will keep writing about seeing the good and other random things and you are welcome to keep reading if you so desire.  Sometimes I am out of town or sometimes my soul is dry, and in those moments I will continue to ask my friend Lions Den Man to post.

I hope that this blog has been of comfort to you.  I also hope that this blog has challenged you and caused you to think.  When left to our own paradigms, our brains will reason ourselves to mediocrity at best.  I thank you for your comments over the years which have caused me to consider what I was thinking as well.

Life is good and seeing the good is so very very important.  The blog will continue.

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure  to see the good.


Anonymous said...

Glad. And although you will be permanently out of town (at least our town,) we still understand when your soul is dry.

Thanks for the long long effort in posting.

Anonymous said...

I hope your new church video tapes and uploads your sermons to their website. If so, maybe you could post that link on your blog :) kbv