Friday, May 12, 2017


chicken wire keeps dogs off new grass

Life does have it's embarrassing moments.  So I was looking a someone's deck that needed repair.  They have a dog, and part of the yard is cordoned off with chicken wire because they are trying to keep the dog off of new grass.  It has rained a lot lately and the ground is wet, muddy and mushy.
It didn't look that tall

So the lady of the house is up on the deck and we are talking.  She is in fact, asking if I am a Christian.  As we are having this warm hearted conversation, I step over the chicken wire, or should I say I tried to step over the chicken wire.

Stepping mostly over chicken wire does not really count as stepping over it.  The heel of my trailing foot caught the top of the wire and I was stuck. Frozen.  In an odd moment of everything coming together in the worst way, I could feel myself going down.  As if in slow motion, my old carcass was falling towards the ground.  Gravity was going to win again.

body shaped indention
There was a loud thump.  Cars stopped to see what was happening.  A news helicopter flew over.  Was that an earth quake?  The lady of the house gasped, "OH MY!, are you alright?"  Yes I was alright, except for a deep bruise to my pride.

Wet and muddy, I slowly pulled myself back up into a standing position.  Sometimes we have to laugh at the things that happen to us.  I think when I was younger, chicken wire fencing was shorter.

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.

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Joanne Priester said...

Love your self-forgiveness n humble sense of humor I would have been angry n mortified with myself Glad u weren't hurt right?