Tuesday, May 22, 2018

from my friend Susan

We all have disappointments, people don't live up to our expectations, things don't go our way.

My friend didn't answer my message. I invited people to my party, and no one can come (or they just didn't bother to respond). No one noticed my new shoes. He or she forgot my birthday or anniversary. I was left out. I was passed over.

All of these things can and do happen to us every single day. When it gets to be too much, it can lead to head trash, or stinkin' thinkin'. "I'm not good enough." "They don't like me." "They don't want to be my friend." "What did I do to deserve this? "

Have you been there? Yeah, you and me both. The truth is, it is NOT about you. If truth be told, it is probably something you aren't even aware of. They were so busy with personal issues, they forgot to RSVP, or say Happy Anniversary or Happy Birthday. They are so caught up with living life, that it was all about them, nothing against you.

So, how do we avoid the disappointments, the woe-is-me cloud that engulfs us? Self affirmations....every day. When you affirm your worth, you believe it! Look in the mirror and do this every stinkin' day! I AM ENOUGH. I AM LIKEABLE/LOVEABLE. I AM A GOOD FRIEND/SPOUSE/MOM/DAUGHTER/SON. I AM LOVED. I AM AN ENCOURAGER. I AM BRAVE. I AM SMART.

Add in your own. I like I AM FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE. GOD MADE ME FOR A VERY SPECIAL PURPOSE. Get out of your own way, and see things in a new perspective. You are loved.


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