Tuesday, August 7, 2012

the mystics

mys·tic (mstk)
1. Of or relating to religious mysteries.
2. Of or relating to mysticism or mystics.
3. Inspiring a sense of mystery and wonder.
      a. Mysterious; strange.
      b. Enigmatic; obscure.
Mystical.Right brain, left brain.  Learning or experiencing.

In my younger years I had more answers, in my later years I have more questions.  I would rather have a God that I have experienced, but cannot explain, then a God that I have all of the answers about.

Recently I have been reading a book by Kenda Creasy Dean called "Almost Christian."  Late in the book she encourages her readers to believe in a God that is near and available.  She suggests that we come to know God is this way, more from experience than from knowledge.

"For Christians, the best guides for faithful reflexivity are not scholars, but mystics- contemplatives who understand the necessity of temporary apartness from society in order to become detached [decentered] from self interest, in the service of perceiving God more clearly.  Throughout Christian mystical tradition, detachment serves as a preconditon for spiritual insight."

In other words, when we find a way to break loose from our self interest, we can find our Father.  Most often this comes from a place of prayer that goes beyond head knowledge. 

Take some time.  Savor the God who is above, below, around, beyond and amazing.

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.

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You find the most interesting and inspiring books. Thanks for sharing about this one.