Wednesday, May 17, 2017

behind on emails

So I wanted to let you know that I am, and why I am behind on my emails.  I am staying in a lovely place in KC, but there is no internet.  So to really catch up on emails, I need to go to Starbucks or such.  Someone said, use your phone....  well my thumbs are too big to type much on my phone.  Someone else ....was concerned that I was mad at them......

No.  not mad at you.  Why do we assume that someone is mad at us?  Everything is ok.  There is a topic for a blog.... everything is ok.

I will eventually catch up with emails.   I am not mad.  Just busy with handyman work and disconnected electronically.

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You will be the envy of some folks. Email, texts and the internet are so time consuming. Sometimes I kind of want to unplug permanently.

Have a wonderful, email-free, and enjoyable handyman day. And if you are still staying in the carriage house and don't have a coffee pot, we will gladly loan you one for your stay.

Be blessed.