Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween pt 2

When you become a parent, Halloween changes in a big way.  Now you are not just participating in the holiday, you are actually passing on traditions.

When the kids were really little, Cathy would stay home with baby Scottie and I would take the girls out in our blue Plymouth Voyager van.  It was as old as the hills and was the most basic model with crank up windows and all.  We would drive all over Princeton and other than the mass shopping at the Hal England Center, the routine was pretty rough.  Stop van.  Get out.  Open slider.  Unbuckle kids from car seats.  Walk with one on each hand, toddling along up to the front door.  To make it worse, it always seemed to be sleeting on Halloween in Princeton.

When we got done we would sit around and drink hot chocolate that mom would have ready.  We would snack on our collection of treats.  I would steal their Hershey bars and eat them.  We would watch scary movies like the Wizard of Oz.

When we moved to Lee Summit, we joined the gang of neighborhood kids who terrorized Woods Chapel Acres and parts of Lakewood.  They gathered at someones home for pictures, then romped street by street through neighborhood.  The dads would trail along behind at a good distance to the big kids would almost feel on their own.

Back at the house it was the same thing.  Halloweentown.  Hot Chocolate, too many snacks and then off to bed so that Dad can steal your Hershey bars.
Good times, good memories.

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.

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